About Us

We are Lorraine Lounge - female founded by a nurse, new mom, and a lover of comfort.

We aim to be your new favorite loungewear brand where luxury and comfort coexist. A brand for the girls, the loungers, the homebodies, the travelers. A brand that promises to fit your mood no matter the season.

It took nearly two years to perfect our fabric blend, fit, and color palette before pulling the trigger to launch in 2023. The tiny details mean everything and we will never compromise on style, quality or fit.

Butter soft comfort, clean aesthetics, and high quality are at the core of our brand.

We can't wait to show you what we have in store for the future. We are just getting started.

Meet the founder

Courtney started the brand after discovering her passion for entrepreneurship while creating comfortable clothing for nurses. Twelve hour shifts as a NICU nurse placed a high demand on comfort, both in and outside the hospital.

Now she's going from bedside to bed with loungewear that took years to perfect. Courtney worked behind the scenes on Lorraine Lounge while working as a travel nurse and becoming a new mom; a time when comfort felt like it mattered the most.

In her free time, she loves to travel, be creative, and spend time with her family.